The SMART Clinic Newsletter – July 2019

Myth: Back Pain means Surgery

Fact:  No, having back pain does not mean you need surgery.  Its always a last resort .  In fact very few people have back surgery as conventional treatments such as heat, ice, exercise, and manual therapy usually resolve a back ailment.

Myth: Rest is the best Medicine

Fact:  Rest may feel better at first but  any prolonged rest can actually hinder your recovery.  Research shows that exercises like stretching and strengthening can ease your back pain and help prevent it from returning. 

Myth: Medication fixes my Back

Fact:  Although medications like ibuprofen play a role in your recovery they should not play the only role.  These medications are masking the pain and you need to remember the injury that caused the pain is still there.  In reality the pain is still occurring and you should be aware that the affects are short term and your recovery needs to be paired with therapy and exercise. 

Myth: I just have a Bad Back

Fact:  The term bad back does not exist.  You may have a back that is in dysfunction, a weak back, a muscle strain or an achy back.   This does not mean you have a “bad back”, it means your body is telling you that you need to stretch, strengthen and prepare your body for what you do every day.  If you do that, your back will be able to function properly. 

More Facts

Core Strength:

Your core is those small muscle behind our supposed six pack muscles.  It is these muscles that are the most important muscle to help stabilize the spine and protect and withstand the load we put on it.

Come talk to us about the best ways to strengthen your core.


Stretching is the best and easiest way to relieve muscle tension .  Stretching before, during and after work or play can significantly reduce any daily aches and pains.

Come talk to us about the best stretches you can be doing for your job.


Having an individual exercise program tailored to your daily work habits can add to the efforts to prevent injuries or any daily discomfort your may get.

Come talk to us if you would like to look into getting an tailored individual preventative program  to address the needs to your work and play


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