Private Clinic Information:

Initial Assessment – An assessment is a session that allows the Certified Athletic Therapist to evaluate and test what could be causing your pain or discomfort.  In the assessment the Athletic Therapist will ask questions to gain a better knowledge of your history and what may be causing your pain or discomfort.  The Athletic Therapist will also perform functional testing that allows us to see what movements cause pain and how your movements compare to your other side as well as the normal ranges.  Special testing will also be done to narrow in on what could be causing your pain or discomfort and allow the therapist to start you on the right direction for your rehabilitation.

An initial assessment is between 45-60 minutes and including taxes is $60.


Therapy Session – A therapy session is where we begin and proceed with a program that will allow you to heal and feel better.  In a therapy session the Athletic Therapist may do manual work which could include assisted stretching, massage techniques, trigger point release and joint mobilizations.  All techniques are designed to help the body heal faster and get you back to your daily activities pain free and with more confidence in your movement.  As well as manual techniques the therapist will give you exercises to start and improve your healing.  Exercises could include stretching, strengthening, proprioceptive, dynamic and return to sport/work exercises.

A typical session last 45-60 minutes and including taxes is $60.


In Home Therapy Session – The S.M.A.R.T Clinic is equipped with mobile tables, modalities and exercise tools that allow us to come right to your home.  We set up where it is convenient for you and your home becomes our clinic for that session.  We are able to perform the initial assessment and sessions following that as if it was in our clinic.

Location within 50km only and including taxes is $80.


Field Coverage – The S.M.A.R.T Clinic can have a Certified Athletic Therapist on your sideline for any emergency or injury care.  The therapist will be able to do pre game taping and stretching, be available to help during the game if a player were to get hurt of have discomfort and provide post game advise, ice and care.  Local teams within 50km please.

This service is by the hour and including taxes in $30/hr.


Individual Programs for Prevention – The Certified Athletic Therapist can provide an individual assessment and observation of the athlete and determine a training program that will best suits their needs and help prevent chronic, overuse and some acute injuries, pain or discomfort.  Using the special skills and knowledge of the athletic therapist we can look at your position, your technique and training to determine what exercises suits you and your position best.  This program requires 3 sessions to complete.  An assessment of the person, an observation of their sport and position and a session to go through the program.

This service cost including taxes is $100.  Follow ups and check in’s can be included for $20 per session.


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