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“The Industrial Athlete is any worker who performs physically demanding tasks requiring his or her body to perform precise and / or repetitive movements.  This includes all types of industry, trades, and professions”

If your company is experiencing increased health care costs due to lost time from injuries, an onsite clinic can save you money, increase productivity and help your employees work pain free.

Over 40% of WSIB claims are due to repetitive injuries in the workplace. Having a certified Athletic Therapist onsite who can provide immediate assessments and treatment programs reduces claims and keeps your employees on the job.

We have an established record of reducing lost time claims due to repetitive strain injuries by over 70%

Our programs combine treatment with education so your employees heal, while learning strategies that prevent re-injury.

Prevention is the first course of action

The SMART Clinic’s therapists proactively work to prevent injuries by observing how employees carry out their job functions and recommending custom stretches and exercises that are proven to reduce the chances of experiencing pain.

Along with ongoing ergonomic assessments, custom stretching programs for each job function or employee,  and pre-shift stretching programs our therapists are always looking for ways to improve outcomes for clients and the companies they work for.

The Benefits of Onsite Athletic Therapy

  • Employees to seek attention before further medical interventions are required
  • Employees are able to maintain an active status at work
  • Reduces the amount of lost time claims due to injury
  • Increases workplace  productivity
  • Increases employee loyalty by showing that your company prioritises the well-being of staff
  • Saves your company money on health care costs

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Companies whose Industrial Athletes have already benefited from our Athletic Therapy Onsite Clinics