Q1) Do I need a Doctor’s referral for Athletic Therapy?

A1) No. Athletic Therapy does not require a Doctor’s referral in order to receive treatment. However, most insurance companies will need the referral in order to cover your claim.

Q2) What should I expect with my first visit?

A2) At your first visit an initial assessment will be conducted. This assessment involves a history, functional assessment and special tests to determine the exact cause of your pain. An individual program will be set out for you and the start of this treatment program will begin.

Q3) At the end of my treatment do I pay you or the insurance company?

A3) It is our clinics policy to collect payment for service from the individual following a treatment. A receipt will be issued to each patient and it is then their responsibility to submit it to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Q4) Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

A4) For an Athletic Therapy appointment the patient is asked to bring shorts, t-shirt and running shoes.

Q5) What types of payment do you accept?

A5) Currently we accept cash, credit card and a cheque, please make cheque payable to: The S.M.A.R.T Clinic Inc.

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