anatomy3bWhat is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is the prevention, immediate care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries by a Certified Athletic Therapist.  It involves the assessment of physical function, the treatment of dysfunction caused by pain and/or injury in order to develop, maintain and maximize independence and prevent dysfunction.  User groups of this service are varied and can include but are not limited to people with a musculoskeletal injury that may be active individuals, injured workers, motor vehicle accidents injuries, recreational athletes, professional athletes and competitive amateur athletes.

The profession of Athletic Therapy uses sports medicine model of active rehabilitation, which includes early exercise intervention combined with traditional therapeutic modalities.  This model has been scientifically proven to provide the fastest return to previous levels of health following an injury.

What is an Athletic Therapist?

A Certified Athletic Therapist provides therapy and rehabilitation services to a wide variety of individuals. Individuals in recreation and/or competitive sports, individuals who suffer from sport and non sport related injuries, as well as, acute and chronic injuries. In addition, athletic therapy benefits sports teams, organizations and the general population who are experiencing common aches and pains associated with daily activities.

Certified Athletic Therapists are highly trained professionals and experts in the areas of:

* Injury Assessment
* Sports Specific Rehabilitation
* Manual, hands on techniques
* Individual Programs
* Home Programs
* Total Active Care
* Emergency Care
* Injury Education

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