Our Company

companyOur clinic is staffed by Certified Athletic Therapist who have been providing Athletic Therapy since 2003 to private clients in Mississauga, ON and onsite clinics for industrial clients across Ontario.

Private Client

We provide athletic therapy services to the everyday person and athlete with the goal of returning them pain free to the activities of daily life. From sprains and surgery recovery, to specialized sport specific programs for preventative and rehabilitative care we are the experts in getting you back to the person you want to be.

The Industrial Athlete

Anyone who works in an industry, such as manufacturing, where they are required to perform a specific task repeatedly is what we call the Industrial Athlete.  This type of work can cause weakness and soreness along with wear and tear over time. The S.M.A.R.T. Clinic adaptes the highly unique skills and practices of athletic therapy and applys them to work specific rehabilitation programs.  Today, we have onsite clinics set up in various workplaces servicing almost 7000 “industrial athletes” to help treat and prevent discomfort and pain at work.

Our team is proud to serve both the public in our private clinic in Mississauga and the industrial workers in our onsite clinics across the Ontario.