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Athletic Therapy is for everyone

From the weekend warrior to the industrial athlete

Athletic Therapy is the prevention, immediate care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries by a Certified Athletic Therapist.  It involves the assessment of physical function followed by the treatment of pain and/or injury in order to get clients back to pain-free activity and prevent re-injury.

Our Athletic Therapists use the sports medicine model of active rehabilitation, which includes early exercise intervention combined with traditional therapeutic interventions.

This model has been scientifically proven to provide the fastest return to previous levels of health following an injury.

Our clients include:

  • injured workers
  • individuals suffering from chronic pain caused by everyday activities (ie. gardening)
  • recreational athletes
  • professional and competitive amateur athletes.

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Workplace clinics

Reduces lost time claims and health and safety costs with an onsite clinic at your industrial site

Are lost time and health claims affecting your company’s bottom line? Over 60% of WSIB claims come from overuse strain injuries. These claims are preventable with early intervention and education.

Our onsite clinics are able to provide immediate assessments and deliver treatment in your facility with little or no lost time.

Individual Clients

Get relief from acute and chronic pain caused by sport or everyday activities.

Athletic therapy really is for everyone. Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply working in the garden, repetitive strain injuries can seriously impact the quality of your life.

Our programs for individuals include assessments and treatment programs to get you back to maximum functionality.

Our services are also covered by some insurance companies!